Fibre-Optical Systems

Then There was Light .....

The development of fibre-optical systems has caused a small revolution in chemical analysis. The technology makes it possible to carry out photometric measurements not only under laboratory conditions with cells, but through the development of fibre-optical probes, analysis has moved directly to the process measurements. Continuous measurements can be made in situ without sampling. This allows for better control of ongoing processes with much less effort.

Fibre Optic Probes

With our selection of Fibre-Optic Probes we cover a broad spectrum of very varied applications. Whether in the laboratory or in industrial envronment, Hellma probes provide lasting exact measurements.

We will help you choose the right probe

If you are not sure which of the probes is right for your needs, contact us. With the help of the Hellma product developers you will find the right measuring probe.

Hellma will manufacture a fibre-optical probe adapted to your needs

If your application demands a probe that is not yet on the market, we will gladly develop a custom-made product especially for you.

Original Accessories Ensure Quality

Hellma offers you a wide selection of Fibre-Optic Probes and accessories for spectrophotometric measurements. To get maximum accuracy and reproducibility, we recommend original Hellma accessories. With our fibre-optic components you will be well equipped for all applications at all times.


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